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High fashion sunglasses, many made here in the US and still more part of our own classic collection will keep your eyes seeing brilliantly, while protected with excellent lenses.

Computer Vision

Cheaters Too provides excellent focus and detail for your computer reading needs. It's important to understand that intermediate and near reading are completely different. Wearing readers to see your computer causes excessive craning of your neck. Our workspace cheaters will relieve your stress.

Personalized service

Whether you need cheaters, sunglasses, or fashion optical frames, Cheaters Too will assist you throughout the process. We'll make styling quick and easy and accommodate your reading vision needs with ease.


Why do I need quality OTC readers?

Why do I need special readers for work?

How do I get readers that I can wear all day long?

Cheaters Too has the answers

Our ready to wear and personalized cheaters offer quality lenses tailored to your visual needs. Everyone's eyes are different and need different aspects to improve each of our optical needs.

Workplace cheaters give your proper reading for both intermediate (up to 5 feet away) and near (14-16 inches) all in one lens with no lines. This gives proper focal points AND proper posture.

Our anytime cheaters are tailored to your needs so you can keep them fitting properly - not down your nose - to see across the room, while still meeting your intermediate and near reading needs.

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